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Leadership Commentary Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Leadership Commentary Introduction Leadership is the ability to motivate a group of people towards a common goal. It is one of the critical skills of management. The most important leadership skills include decision making, problem solving, effective speaking, and personal appearance among others.


In this essay, I will discuss on understanding empathy, which is the leadership skill that I have obtained during my practice. In this discussion, I will use a reflective model to show how understanding empathy is achieved during my practice. Gibbs reflective model is what I will use (Gibbs, 1988). This reflection model has six stages: description of the events, expressing feelings, evaluating the value and ability, analysis of how bad or good the situation is, conclusion on the findings, and lastly making an action plan (Gibbs, 1988). In this essay, I will apply Gibbs reflective model to help in relating theory and critical thought to nursing practice as it may allow. Leadership role and the evidence base for the leadership skill will be included in the discussion. I will then give a conclusion to the essay that will talk about my reflection skills, recognize my qualification and present both my personal and professional development (Fradd, 2004). Understanding empathy is the skill of leadership which I have chosen to deal with in this essay. I have chosen this as it is one of the quality that is needed in this field. In my first placement, I got myself to a situation where empathy was really needed. ...
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