The Purpose,Scope and Context of Interprofessional Collaboration

The Purpose,Scope and Context of Interprofessional Collaboration Essay example
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Purpose. Scope, and Context of Interprofessional Collaboration Name Course Professor Date of Submission Interprofessional collaboration is a systematic partnership and networking of stakeholders to work together as like-minded members of organization, e.g.


We are able to have in-depth discourse about our careers, performances viz the standards and the necessities that can be resolve through complementation, co-optation , ventures, and through resource-sharing (Howskin & Bray, 2008, p. 8). This paper is a personal learning and reflection of this health service provider about interprofessional education, collaboration and working while working with teammates. This interprofessional collaboration is happening among professionals, organizations, service users, carers and communities (Caipe, 2012), p. 1). The association of health providers work over critical matters on education, health and social care to deliver the necessary quality services to improve peoples’ quality of lives and for healthier communities (Frost & Robinson, 2007, pp. 184-199). Among the many concerns they dealt are issues on nutrition, public health, policies, medical standards, medication of all illnesses or on the need to strategize development to better social services in complementation of health responses to communities (Reeves, Goldman, Oandasan, 2007, pp. 231-235). ...
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