Choose an aspect of the law and discuss this in relation to the role of the nurse

Choose an aspect of the law and discuss this in relation to the role of the nurse Essay example
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LAWS AND NURSING Author’s name Institution Nursing is the art of caring and tending to an ailing person or animal or any living thing for that matter. However, unlike other arts it also bears a deep relation with science (Cubacub, 2009). Owing to its artistic side nursing involves proficiency and also set methods and science in its most technical form owing to the scientific aspect.


On the other hand the Oxford dictionary defines law in these terms (putting the meaning in simple words); the system of rules which a country employs and uses to regulate and control the actions and doings of its members (Press, Law, 2010). NMC, short for Nursing and Midwifery Council, is a council or a body that deals with almost every single side of nursing including the laws and ethics. It functions by regulating the nurses and midwives in different parts of the Great Britain such as; England, Scotland, Wales, the Islands and Northern Ireland (NMC, What we do, 2010). Their first and foremost concern is to safeguard and protect the wellbeing of public. (NMC, Factsheet: Assessment and investigation of fitness to practice referrals to the NMC, 2010) Informed consent in this matter is the most influential seeming aspect of law. It is a legal procedure that ensures the knowhow and knowledge of a patient regarding the potential risks and methods of a procedure or treatment plan (Cherry n.d.). This provides with an opportunity to the patients or clients in a health care system to make decisions regarding the matters of health and treatment plan. ...
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