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"foot care for people with diabetes"

Foot amputations have increased among patients with diabetes disease. In this regard, it is crucial to give practical strategies to manage feet in a diabetic patient. Health Beliefs The American Indians are extremely hesitant to agree and follow health recommendations from physicians. The population holds the belief that acceptance of diagnosis of severe illness limits chances of members of society from getting married. The population does not discuss severe health matters openly. The failure to deliberate on what they should do to manage illness leads to serious medical complications. Support System The support system is conspicuously lacking. The health beliefs of the American Indians have jeopardized efforts to support and save them from debilitating diabetes condition. Economic Issues American Indians face some economic issues. Statistics indicate that poverty persist in the Native American communities. The American Indians have fewer opportunities of securing formal employment. Identified/Preferred Learning Style American Indians prefer lifestyle that risks them from contracting diabetes. For instance, the population likes smoking, which is a risk factor that exposes an individual to diabetes. Lifespan Development Considerations The American Indian generation has faced financial constrains during their development. ...
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Lesson Plan: Foot Care for People with Diabetes Name Institution Lesson Plan: Foot Care for People with Diabetes Client Initials: Mercy Hamilton Age: Sixty years Gender: 60 years Health Literacy: Low Level of Health Literacy Culture Identified/ Influences: American Indian Many American Indians embrace a diet that puts them at the risk of contracting diabetes disease…
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