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In patients with burn injures; does non-pharmacological method in comparison with pharmacological method, result in reducing the level of pain? - Essay Example

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Nurses need to play an active role in decision-making to achieve a high standard of knowledge and to provide high quality care…

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In patients with burn injures; does non-pharmacological method in comparison with pharmacological method, result in reducing the level of pain?

Fain (2009) declares that evidence-based practice counts the variability from the study and the examination findings because we all are unable to adjust one common process or even add new facts without powerful evidence.
Similarly, EBP had been described by Rees (2011, p.3) as “a problem -solving and decision-making system, based on collection, evaluation and synthesis of sound evidence, which ensures best practice by health professionals”. This definition highlighted that EBP is about using different studies and comparing them by people who are expert on clinical judgment to produce quality and value practice for the patients (Rees 2011).
Locally, ‘professional knowledge and competence’ is one element of Oman Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Professional Conduct (2011:9). According to ethical key principles, nurses should conform to good, effective and safe practice, such as beneficence and non-malfeasance, when caring for patients. Gastmans et al. (1997) mentions that ethical consideration is synonymous with good care and the relationship between EBP and nursing ethical codes is to provide good quality care with one goal direction. It is relevant to nursing as it shows a caring behaviour through virtue and expert activity by ensuring that the most up to date clinical practice is recommended and used in practice. According to Renee and Judith (2008 p.138), beneficence is “the obligation to do good” while non-malfeasance is “the obligation to do no harm”.
The number of patients with burn injuries admitted, annually, in the National Burn Unit (NBU) in Oman increased steadily between 1986 and 2011 (Al Shaqsi et al. 2013). For instance, in 2010 the number of admitted patients in NBU was 884; 23% of these were considered severe, and received tertiary care (MOH 2010). The increasing numbers of patients with burn injuries need close attention from MOH to facilitate pain management practices because first and second burn injuries cause severe pain ...
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