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decreasing agitation in demented resident in nursing home

Keywords: agitation, dementia, nursing home, nurse leader, evidence based practice Decreasing Agitation in Demented Patients Living in Nursing Home Behavioral and emotional disturbances, particularly agitation, are the major problems commonly observed in impaired elderly people dwelling in nursing homes, particularly those who are suffering of dementia. According to Tariot, Daiello and Ismail (2002, p. 2), behavioral symptoms affect a large population of dementia patients in the United States, where “as many as 90% of patients with dementia develop significant behavioral disorders at some point.” Based on a clinical research conducted by Bartels, et al. (2003, p. 236), the condition of patients with dementia is “complicated by mixed agitation and depression accounts for over one-third of complicated dementia”. Compared with other subgroups, elderly patients with dementia which are also experiencing bouts of agitation have the “highest rate of hospitalization, the greatest number of medical diagnoses, and the greatest medical severity, and they receive the greatest number of psychiatric medications (Bartels, et. al. 2003, p. 234)”. As such, there is a great need to decrease agitation in dementia patients especially in the nursing home settings. ...
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Decreasing Agitation in Demented Patients Living in Nursing Home Name Institution Abstract This paper discusses the major concern of agitation in patients with dementia living in nursing home care. The epidemiology and significance of the problem is presented as well as evidence based practices observed in several researches that will help decrease agitation in patients with dementia…
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