Low testosterone levels in relation to Depression

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Low testosterone levels in relation to Depression Student’s Name Grade Course Instructor’s Name (27th, Nov. 2012) Low testosterone levels in relation to Depression Recent researches have indicated a positive relationship between testosterone levels and depression in men…


Additionally, it is established that low testosterone levels can cause clinical depression in older men (Michael, 2006). As male individuals grow older, their testosterone levels decrease. Therefore, men who are above the age of 55 years are observed to have a low level of testosterone hormones. The consequence of the low levels of testosterone is that, such male always feel fatigued and their level of irritability is increased. Additionally, testosterone levels are associated with low sexual drives, which keep older men less sexually active, making them concentrated on other life issues than they are concerned with sexual related affairs (Carnahan & Perry, 2004). Therefore, the relationship between testosterone levels and depression in men can be traced from the fact that low testosterone levels are associated with triggering symptoms such as anorexia, fatigue and low libido (Shores, 2007). On the other hand, such symptoms are associated with affecting the mood of individuals. Thus, individual who have fatigue and anorexia have higher chances of experiencing low moods. This, on the other hand, suppresses their levels of excitement and happiness, while raising their depression index. Therefore, it is common to find people who have low moods and who are experiencing anorexia and fatigue equally depressed and stressed up (Shores, 2007). ...
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