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Quantitative Research Critique Paper Name: Institution: Overview of the Study This work has been compiled by a group of professors and directors in the department of nursing and anesthesia program, and directors from the Simulation and Technology R&D Center.


Personally, I can therefore affirm that they are very qualified to have conducted this research on the topic they presented. The study focused on comparing the nursing students critically in terms of simulation performance basis with metrics. According to the report presented, title of the study is appropriate and none other could suit the study any better. The abstract of the report is quite well composed. It begins by highlighting the main aim of the study which is apparently the establishment of the existing relationship between the metrics of critical thinking skills and performance in simulated clinical scenarios. The background to the study has also been provided. Their study was motivated by the fact that they realized that over the years, there had been no presentation of simulated performances for nursing students, rather, only pen and pencil assignments took prominence in the determination of the students’ understanding. They therefore felt there was a great need to carry out a critical comparison of the two phenomena in establishing the critical thinking of students. Research methodology has similarly been captured in the abstract giving brief details on the sample size. However, the target population and working population were not mentioned in this part. Summary results have been presented according to the various research variables. This section can alternatively be referred to as an abstract. ...
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