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Conflict Asessment

The next following weeks, almost all the employees were early to work and reported to work early. This disciplinary actions clearly improved the reporting time of employees even though many of the employees were not happy with the new rules, it was clear that it was growth producing and this made people become more cautious of their reporting time. The most destructive disciplinary action that I ever experienced is the rule that my dad had that anyone coming home late would be grounded for a whole week. Even though this action was important in ensuring that I reported home early, it had a lot of destructive sides than the positive sides. First I would not get enough time to play which was vital for my age. This also made me sleep a lot and so I became less productive for the whole week. These reasons and many more made this a very destructive choice of action to take. Even though this action was destructive, it really helped modify my behavior. First, this action ensured that I did not spend a lot of my time doing useless things away from home rather it ensured that I was always at home at the right time and this helped me avoid stressing my parents. It is therefore evident that even though the action had some negative effects, it also had some positive effects in my life. ...
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Name Tutor Course College Date During my early days of employment, I developed the problem of reporting late to work since most of the other experienced nurses came to work late and it was the routine of the workplace. As a result of this, my supervisor gave me a lot of warnings but I never took any of them seriously as the other members of the workforce did not take them serious too…
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