Identifying a Researchable Problem: An Evidence-Based Nursing Approach

Identifying a Researchable Problem: An Evidence-Based Nursing Approach Research Paper example
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Identifying a Researchable Problem Name Institution Abstract Research based nursing is one of the underlying performance enhancement policies that the health and wellness sector is working on to improve service delivery to the society. A lot of research work has been undertaken and the recommendations being discussed is all about the appropriate evidence based nursing approaches (Rubin, 2013).


Proper formulation of a problem and comprehensive problem statement remains the core of any research work and this paper is not exceptional. Introduction Nursing profession has been marred with some inadequacies which results from some omission and commission. The level of interaction that the nurses have with the patients is very tricky since it requires free socialization blended with formal approach. Clients tend to expect a lot from the nurses since the common denominator and the point of focus is always acquisition of medication and subsequent recovery from a given illness. Care of patients is a noble responsibility that must come with some level of discipline and personal sacrifice and this goes beyond the medical professional training that they get in school. In respect of this, it is imperative that spiritualism is adopted by nurses as this will contribute to regulated health care practices among the nurses. Internal motivation is the essence of any person and whatever people do is simply a manifestation of what goes on in the mind. It is therefore worthy noting the influence of spiritualism in the performance of nurses (Barnum, 2003). Statement of the problem The contemporary society is undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of the social structure accompanied by economic and political policies. ...
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