Business-based ethics model

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Business-based ethics model Name Lecturer Date Ethics is a pivotal part of every business. Organizationas use business based ethics models to ensure employees and managers follow appropriate rules of the organization as well as the procedures of the business environment at the workplace.


This paper seeks to propose and develope a business based ethics model that can be used as an instrument of getting a views of organizations performance on integrity. The model may be based on questionnaire detailing issues concerning ethics, and must be completed by all the employees in the organization. I suggest that we incorporate various ethical models for numerical predictions such as multiple linera regression, regression trees, and robust regression in order to make questionnaires shorter and efficient. This will help in assessing the business operations in terms of integrity. However, the major business based ethics model to be adopted by the business is Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). This will help in combining the scores on performance and importance of ethics and integrity in the business workplace. During implementation of this ethics model, the direct scores from performance and the ranking scores on importance from employees are placed on a traditional grid in order to assess views on how best the company performs its business operations on integrity. The idea of Importance Performance Ananlysis ethics model is used in making the Attention Grid in order to view which items require much attention in the business so as to improve integrity. ...
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