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Appendix: Outcome Measure This outcome measure is designed to measure the implementation of the program that aims at ensuring the adoption of the appropriate breastfeeding tendencies. In this case, the program focuses on the roles that the nurses should play in ensuring that the outcomes of the program were successful.


In effect, the outcome was inappropriate positioning of the baby and the failure to ensure proper latch-on during breastfeeding. Hence, this contributed to discomfort in babies and mothers, which eventually led to inappropriate breastfeeding tendencies in mothers. In addition, it is crucial to point out that research studies pointed out that some mothers stopped breastfeeding their babies even before attaining the mandatory six months age. In effect, this program is essential in ensuring that the mothers breastfed their babies even after they attained the mandatory six months. Based on the foregoing, the outcomes of this program are: Proper latch-on technique for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies Effective positioning of the baby during breastfeeding in order to ensure that the mother and the child did not suffer from any discomfort Breastfeeding for a period not less than six months in order to ensure the breastfeeding tendencies were appropriate Outcome Measures and Target Description of the Target Effective Latch-on Outcome Measure The nurses in the facility did not know the appropriate latch-on technique. On the other hand, the healthcare facility will ensure that mothers developed the appropriate latch-on techniques during the process of breastfeeding. ...
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