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Homeless Teens in Dallas Texas Student’s Name Course/Number Date Instructor’s Name Introduction That the seriousness and vagaries of homelessness are socioeconomic realities that are felt throughout the world is a matter that cannot be gainsaid. This means that both the developing and developed world grapple with the issue of homelessness.


Given that this hypothetical community health advocacy project is meant for homeless teenagers in Texas, it is important that first, matters finances are fully factored. The need for first factoring financial realities in the project at hand is underscored by the high likelihood that such a hypothetical organization will not be dealing in profit-making ventures. This reality is further underscored by the need to provide Dallas teenagers with community health services being more of an ethical drive than a profiteering venture. Even Ensign (2006) observes that the ultimate goal behind the formation of this hypothetical community health advocacy project is not to accrue profit, but to help Dallas’ homeless teenagers to access community health services. In light of the foregoing, it is important that alternative sources or means of funding the project are brought into play. First, it is important that such a program is first preceded by a funds drive. The funds drive is to mainly solicit contributions from well wishers. Conversely, it may be important to seek both direct and indirect sponsorship from the government. ...
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