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Article Critique Name Institution Article Critique The research on “education as a determinant of career retention and job satisfaction among registered nurses” is valid since the exercise that led to its findings discussion and the succeeding propositions followed appropriate criteria.


The observed rate of response was 56.7% this is still a great rate in practical situations (Rambur, et al, 2005). The responses also imply on the percentage of the individuals interested towards a subject of study. The response rate in regards to the number of nurses who were engaged in the research even concentrates the research in a greater degree. The conduction of research in this manner would be logical since the report manifests the most critical aspects that meet perfect conditions of the research even more profound. In order to be specific, I would have applied the similar methods as to those employed in this research. However, i would concur with other researchers and scholars who target highest degree of precision to manifest critical practicality. By mentioning this, it does not mean that the research is not practical in nature nonetheless; a more precise work is significant. The sampling method involved in this research contained census and different stages’ approach. Sequential questionnaires used in different intervals for instance, six months, eighteen months and three years were significant in availing accurate outcomes in different seasons. This ensured the consideration of effective flexibility in the study. The calculations made based on the actual components of satisfaction allow a substantial precision since there is no chance for the occurrence of greater impact errors. ...
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