Moral Integrity in Health Administration

Moral Integrity in Health Administration Essay example
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Moral Integrity in Health Administration NAME: AFFILIATION: UNIVERSITY: COURSE TITLE: DATE OF SUBMISSION: Moral Integrity in Health Administration Importance of stewardship in healthcare Healthcare is a highly reputable industry that has received immense appreciation by the general public for making worthwhile contributions in enhancing the lives of people.


According to Morrison (2011), stewardship is the ethical responsibility for protection and development of the scarce resources so that people’s well-being can be effectively monitored. Likewise, a steward has to provide mandatory leadership for establishment of the ethical rules to ensure that every stakeholder demonstrates appropriate behavior when providing services to the patients. Demonstrating good leadership skills in the task assigned, results in successful outcomes from the steward. Good command and proper knowledge of handling the tasks is important for all stewards and all professionals in general. Every stakeholder has to give utmost care and attention to each patient during the complete course of treatment with full integrity, authenticity and vigilance. In healthcare, stewards have to ensure that all medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, consultants, staff members and doctors serve their patients in a highly ethical and socially responsible manner (Owen, 1990). Practicing stewardship with respect As professionals of healthcare field, they have been given ethical responsibility of managing the resources effectively. ...
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