Heart Disease in low income geographical area

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Macon, Georgia Population: 155,547 Heart Disease: A Community Epidemic Christina Watts 000250145 January 15, 2013 HGT Community Health Practicum Western Governors University Heart Disease Bibb County is a small town located in the central region of Georgia.


Bibb County’s population is 155,547 as reported in the 2010 U.S. Census. The African Americans make up 52.1% of the population while, the Caucasians make up 43.2% of the population in Bibb County. The remaining proportion of the population is shared between the Hispanics and Asians. The male population in the country is 46% of the total population, whereas that of females is 52.9%. 25.8% of the population in Bib County is under 18 and 12.7% are over 65 years old. The percentage of high school graduates is 81.2%. The median household income is $38,798 and 22.4% of Bibb County’s population is below poverty level (US Census, 2010). The county’s unemployment rate is at 9.4% according to the County’s Health Rankings (2011). The fieldwork carried out in Macon, Georgia, revealed that the prevalence of heart diseases and mitigating factors are significant in the low-income groups. A research carried out in order to test the hypothesis revealed the same results. The sample consisted of 20 families which were asked to reveal their medical history and socio economic background. The survey revealed that 9 participants belonged to the low income group, and either their mother or father has a heart problem or both; 5 revealed that they have no heart patients in their immediate family; and 6 revealed that they had other diseases. The entire sample consisted of low-income families. ...
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