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Nursing (Student’s Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) (Date) Introduction One of the major aspects that lead to employee’s motivation is innovation. To ensure that nurses are motivated during their daily duties of attending the patients, innovative behaviors of nurses is paramount in attaining the objectives of their institutions.


Additionally, researchers have come up with three approaches that lead to employee’s empowerment. These include feministic theory, structural empowerment and psychological empowerment (Jeannette and Roland, 2009). Based on the fact that nurses are not included in the oppressed group, this study covers structural and psychological empowerment theories as theoretical framework. Aim of the research based on four key hypotheses The aim of this research was to investigate the relationship between structural empowerment as well as psychological empowerment and innovative behavior. This was undertaken using four hypotheses as indicated below. Hypothesis 1(H1): There is a positive relationship between innovative behavior by nurses and structural empowerment. Hypothesis 2(H2): There exist positive correlation between innovative behavior by nurses and psychological empowerment. Hypothesis 3(H3): Through psychological empowerment, structural empowerment leads to more innovation by nurses. Hypothesis 4(H4): The extent to which the psychological empowerment leads to innovative behavior is significantly influenced by structural empowerment. ...
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