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Telehealth Name: Institution:          Telehealth Telehealth entails the distant provision of health education and health care services, facilitated by high-speed networks and technology. In addition, telehealth incorporates the utilization of telecommunications technologies and electronic information to promote long-distance health administration, clinical health care, public health, and professional and patient health-related education…


Also, telehealth is an extension of telemedicine. Telehealth incorporates promotive, curative, and preventative points of view. In contrast, telemedicine only concentrates on the curative view. Telehealth was initially employed to illustrate educational or administrative duties associated with telemedicine. Nonetheless, contemporary telehealth focuses on a number of technological resolutions. For instance, health professions make use of the email to provide various health services, converse with clients, and order drug prescriptions. One of the most tremendous enhancements in the usage of telehealth is the examination of patients at their homes. In addition, telehealth technologies can be used for both clinical and nonclinical uses. The clinical uses include; one, giving health advice by the means of a telephone in developing cases. Two, telehealth technologies may be used for transmitting medical images. This can also be termed as store and forward telehealth (Norris, 2012). Three, these technologies can be used to provide guidance on the prevention of diseases and advancement of proper health through patient follow-up and monitoring. Four, telehealth technologies may be utilized to transmit medical information for disease management or diagnosis. ...
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