Nursing skills.

Nursing skills. Essay example
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This critical analysis covers two basic skills which I was able to apply during my placement. Wound care and discharge planning shall be evaluated in this analysis. Gibbs (1988) model will be applied in this critical reflection.


To protect the patient’s identity in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct, this patient shall be referred to as Wilson. He was admitted into the hospital after a three inch gash on his arm became infected.
Based on my role as a nurse in instances of wounds and infection, my mentor instructed me to clean the patient’s wound. I did so under my mentor’s direct supervision and guidance. Before I dressed his wound, I first asked for his permission. While cleaning the patient’s wound, I asked the patient how he was feeling, and if he felt any pain from his wounds. I also explained the process of dressing his wound, and why I was doing it.
Before I dressed his wound, I first washed my hands aseptically with soap and running water, drying my hands well on a sterile towel. I also prepared all the materials I would use to clean the wound. I also closed the door to his room to afford privacy and helped him to sit-up to a comfortable position on the bed. I placed paper towels underneath his wounded hand and placed all the materials I would need on a tray placed on a table adjacent to the bed. I opened the dressing packs and dropped them on to the sterile tray. The dressing pack included the mepore, the gauze, and the cotton balls. The alcohol was placed on the table, along with the saline solution, the iodine and the alcohol. I opened and put on sterile gloves and started cleaning the wound. ...
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