Application: Adoption of New Technology Systems

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Title: Adoption of New Technology Systems Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: According to Rogers (2003), there are five qualities that influence how individuals view an adaptation of a new technology such as the planned implementation of a new electronic health records system.


In the meeting between me and the nurses, I will need to psychologically prepare he nurses for approaching training and implementation process on the new system. To begin with, I will create a theme for my meeting with my fellow nurses. The main purpose of the theme is to create a warm atmosphere in the meeting. This will be the theme of my meeting: “Nursing just got Easier!” This theme will make the nurses perceive the new technology as easier. This addresses the simplicity of the new system identified by Rogers (2003) to be an important determinant of an individual’s attitude towards the new adoption of the records system. The theme of my meeting will be communicated to the nurses via text messages and will be written in front of the meeting and training venues. Before the onset of the meeting between me and the nurses, I will research on the relative advantages of the new records system as opposed to the outgoing technology. I will form a table which summarizes the pros and cons of the new system vis-a-vis the outgoing system. I will be cautious not to water down the advantages by the disadvantages. On the day of the meeting, I will give each nurse a copy to this table before we go through the advantages together. I will touch on the disadvantages on the new system as I give recommendation on how these disadvantages can be overcome. ...
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