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Essay example - With reference to negative feedback loops explore the role of the pancreas in glycaemic homeostasis.

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With reference to negative feedback loops explore the role of the pancreas in glycaemic homeostasis. Essay example
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Glucose is a central metabolic energy source for humans with its management at appropriate intensities within the body being paramount to the regular functioning of the body cells, whereas its dysregulation (disruption of homeostasis) is associated with potential life-threatening disorders such as galactosemia and diabetes mellitus. T…

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The maintenance of steady blood glucose is decisive to the overall health of cells; consequently, the wellbeing of the entire body. Glucose molecules are mainly broken down within body cells so as to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules symbolizing energy-rich molecules that stimulate numerous cellular progressions (Schuit, Huypens, Heimberg and Pipeleers 2001, p.1). Level constancy is accomplished through negative feedback structures that warrant that blood glucose absorption to be maintained within a standard range of about70-110 milligrams in each deciliter of blood. The absorption of blood glucose is continuously organized through regulatory hormones, inclusive of insulin and glucagon. An organism can be regarded to be in homeostasis given that the internal surroundings are upheld at a balance. Homeostasis facilitates cells to guarantee stability that assist them to work efficiently irrespective of what is going superficially to the body (Triplitt 2012, p.4). Negative Feedback Negative feedback systems outline developments that impact on the changes within the blood and activate instruments that reverse registered alterations in order to restore states to their standard intensities. ...
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