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Shortcomings of the healthcare system in the U.S - Assignment Example

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It is not difficult to find a person who has not directly or indirectly experienced the shortcomings of the healthcare system in the U.S. The current American healthcare system is unreliable, disorganized and error prone. This is what has led to the negative healthcare experiences, unwanted patient deaths and high healthcare costs…

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Shortcomings of the healthcare system in the U.S

Shortcomings of the healthcare system in the U.S

This paper, therefore, provides descriptions and characteristics of an ideal healthcare system that is consistent with the current Healthcare Reform Movement. It then compares nursing practices with the concepts of population focused nursing that are presented in the text “Public Health Nursing: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” and movie “Open Doors” (1990). An ideal healthcare system offers three key principles, which include better system performance, better patient outcome and better professional development. The main goal of such a system is to ensure that all American citizens have an equal access to quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost.
Better Patient Outcomes: An ideal healthcare system should focus on population and patient outcome. Better outcomes are acquired through care that is family and patient –centered, preference sensitive and evidence centered. Chapter one and two of the reading describe “Perspectives in health care and population-centered nursing” and “Influences on healthcare delivery and population-centered nursing”.

In simpler terms, an ideal healthcare system should be systems-oriented. This implies that patients must enter into an experience, which is established around them and in-line with their needs. This experience should, therefore, be longitudinal, cross-departmental, will center and interdisciplinary on patient and their families through a healthcare journey. ...
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