profecssional capstone project (developing and implementation plan)

profecssional capstone project (developing and implementation plan) Essay example
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Cancer Pain in End of Life Cancer Patients literature review Grand Canyon University Imafidon, Rachael Angie Lawson January19, 2012 Professional Capstone Project (Developing and Implementation Plan) Introduction The capstone project is a comprehensive project in the MPH curriculum intended to test student’s competency in applying theoretical concepts learnt in course work.


Arguably the mainstream cancer management program are insufficient hence the need for alternative treatment. The current cancer management systems concentrate on the physiological aspect of cancer pain. Moreover available pain management practices concentrates on the symptoms of pain rather than the source of the pain. The proposed project will evaluate possibilities of alternative and more efficient pain management practices in the context of source of pain and holistic well-being of the patient. This paper presents my Capstone Project implementation plan, which considers the current constraints and resources. Obtaining Necessary Approval(S) The choice for the project was based on my academic and professional interests. I am also confident of obtaining support from members of my department and hence the choice. In order to implement the project successful, I will require approval and support from staff and students in my department. To obtain the necessary approval from the members of my department I will require making official communication with the concerned people. Following my receipt of approval from the head of department, I will make request for collaboration from other teaching and nonteaching staff of our department. ...
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