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Online Orientation Course (Name) (Tutor’s Name) (Date) Online Orientation Course Introduction American Sentinel University stands exceptional for the excellent online learning environment it arrange for the students. In order to ensure the students find the study comfortable, the University has arranged various support services including success advisors, NetTutor, New Student Resource Center, personalized student portals, online interaction with other students through messages and chat rooms, a special two week orientation course which covers learning the moodle system, course structure, policy essentials, essentials of student success, critical thinking, time management, research and writ


That means the course will make the students aware about the course content, duration, and the way the students are assessed. In addition, the students should be given enough insight into the essential rules and regulations and the student assessment criteria. Furthermore, it is vital in the case of an online course to teach the students how to achieve optimum performance in an online environment where the students are likely to feel lonely. Moreover, such orientation training will make the students familiar with the various resources and will teach them how to use the resources. Furthermore, it is vital to teach the students how to conduct an effective research because admittedly, an online course can only offer less student-teacher interaction than an ordinary classroom does. ...
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