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Cultural competence in nursing

The first national identity is the national anthem. National anthem was composed at the start of the country’s first war of independence in 1868.Its symbolizes a call to arms that evokes the image of the country’s poor peasants in Bayamo. The second national symbol is the country’s flag. The white stars on it represent Masonic lodges in which the fight against its enemy, Spain was organized (Kapcia, 2005). Lastly the country third national symbol is flag of the 26th July movement. This flag is used as a symbol to remember and honor Castro’s attack on the army barracks. It serves as a symbol of the country resistance from dictatorship of imperialism of the U.S. Question 2 Willingness of Cubans to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas Cubans are very friendly and open in their communication. They normally share their problems, ideas, thoughts, concerns, and also many details relating to their personal life with other co workers (Herrera, 2011). Cubans tend to regularly share their thoughts and ideas with other Cubans. They are mainly spotted standing closer to each other in public places as the converse and share their thought with their friends. Cubans take it as a taboo to discuss about their country’s government, political or social situation whenever they are talking to a stranger whom they don’t have a close relationship with (Herrera, 2011). ...
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Cultural competence in nursing Name: Institution: Question 1 My cultural ancestry My cultural ancestry country name is Cuba, alternatively, my cultural country is also referred to as Republic of Cuba.Cuba,is an island that is located almost ninety miles south east of Florida keys…
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