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Cuban Ancestry: Effects on Individual Identity and Nursing Practice Name University Cuban Ancestry: Effects on Individual Identity and Nursing Practice Mahatma Gandhi said: “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Culture affects who people are and what they want to be…


This paper explores Cuban heritage and how it affects people’s beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, including my views and practices as a future nurse. Cultural Ancestry I have Cuban ancestry. Both my parents are Cubans, and I was also born in Cuba. My first language is Cuban Spanish, although I am competent in American English too. Our Spanish is somewhat different with the Spanish used in Spain and Central and South America, in terms of accent, tempo, and some choice of words, although we would fairly understand each other’s Spanish language. I am proud of my cultural roots and how it shapes my identity as a person and as a nurse. Openness and Taboos Cubans are very open to one another, especially with their family and friends. They are comfortable in talking about family issues, events, and problems with family and friends. When speaking with strangers, they are not always as open with private matters, but it is easy for many Cubans to make friends. With an established friendship, Cubans freely talk about their ideas and feelings. Cuban men, however, tend to have a machismo culture, so they do not show “feminine” emotions (Grossman & Purnell, 2008, p.5). Cuban women are open with their emotions with fellow female and male family members and friends. They are physically demonstrative of their emotions too. Taboos are more pervasive in Cuba than in the U.S. ...
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