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Staffing Shortage Name: Institution: In delivering effective health care, the contribution of nurses is considered to be essential. Nurses are professionals in the frontline staff of most health systems. Clinical experience is part and parcel of the nursing profession, and it is essential for delivery of quality services.


This paper seeks to show the negative impact of nursing staff shortage in the national health systems. The paper seeks to develop a solution to the problem against the current none functional solutions. Clinical experiences develop an atmosphere for implementing the theoretical lessons learnt in the nursing classes. Problem definition Exploring the problem of the nursing shortage is essential in order to come up with structured and long term solutions. Some of the factors known to have contributed to this problem include the aging of the registered nurses and the impact of educators in the nursing field. Negative perception of the nursing perception of the nursing procession has a profound effect on the enrollment rates. The negative impact of some of these factors has been felt in both nursing profession and the quality of patient care. Nurses are supposed to provide adequate safe care in a critical care setting. The problem is linked to the high turnover rates of registered nurses in the profession. The problem has been compounded by the incompetent leadership with is hand-off and laisser fair. The shortage of the nurses is a multicultural set up can only be addressed through a balanced approach. The leadership style used by the nurse manager is essential. This is because it can be a source of inspiration, or reduce the morale among nurses (Bland, 2008). ...
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