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Nursing Manager Skill Inventory Student’s Name Institution Nurses have very important role in provision of health services in modern health care system. Physicians have a very busy schedule to make where as it is the nurse who is supposed to be present at patient’s bed side most of the time.


American Organization of Nurse Executives (2006) have developed nursing manager skill inventory to access progress of a nurse and understand various dimensions of her personality. This was released in market first time in 2004 by Nurse Manager Leadership Collaborative. Skytt (2008) has found this tool to be is satisfactory for use after doing extensive research. Tourangeau (2004) also used Leadership Practice Inventory (LPI) for this analysis but nursing skill management inventory is a better and modified option for assessment. I will discuss various aspects of this tool which are related to my professional ability. Personal and Professional Accountability My personal growth and development have always been my strongest points during my clinical experience and I would mention this as an expert practice. I am always in process of self analysis and to work that out properly, I make strong plans for future and try my best to act upon them. To set high standards of ethical and moral behavior has always been my strength. I would rate myself as skillful and competent in the field of professional association involvement. Professional associations for networking and increasing social circle in my field for better discussion on various topics in on top of my list and I strongly intend to apply that. I have certifications to prove this claim. ...
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