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Organizational Change Through Leadership Name Institution Organizational Change Through Leadership The Problem In any given clinical department, renowned leadership teams can come up with new ideas. As individuals, teams or organizations formulate new mechanisms of addressing their challenges; they get to the point where they have to adopt better ways of doing things and in the long run settle for solutions to clinical issues that are more suitable.


However proximate leaders and managements somehow differ when it comes to their perception regarding reengineering and restructuring of different nursing units as such moves may not turn out to be the most suitable ways of addressing the existing issues across different departments. The plans that were certain to be achieved may sometimes not work or sometimes not reach the goal targeted by the organization (Pfeffer, 1998). The decisions that were earlier employed may with time become complicated thus cannot be easily depended upon. Another challenge is that the management of different departments may in some cases fail to concur with outcomes or fail to agree with the skilled staff. Thus they insist on their own tradition ways of handling issues which result into poor outcomes. Need and Rationale for Change It is high time organizations adapt to the changing nature of the dynamic market situation. ...
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