Constructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal

Constructing the Written Evidence-Based Proposal Essay example
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Juvenile Diabetes Student’s Name Institution Instructor Date of Submission Abstract Juvenile diabetes commonly referred to as Type 1 diabetes is normally diagnosed in children and the young adults. It is a medical condition that should be terminated during the earliest stages as it can prove fatal if diagnosed late.


Implementing standardized screening tools and initiating treatment based on established protocols, can prevent disease progression and an increased complication rate. These interventions can potentially decrease the length of stay and health care costs. Medical researchers have researched on this syndrome and have come up with the possible solutions to curb it. Once identified and confirmed, the patient must learn to administer injections, monitor his or her blood sugar and count carbohydrates. This medical condition requires consistent care, but technological advancement n monitoring this condition has made it possible to rectify this condition. This technology will prove extremely useful if physicians and medical personal take the initiative to educate type 1 diabetes mellitus patients, on how to use it for continuous and effective self-management of their disease. One of the devices that apply this technology is the Guarding RT, which provides users with constant glucose readings and has alarms for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. In addition, physicians and support medical personnel should educate and encourage type 1 diabetes mellitus patients to use rapid-acting insulin instead of regular insulin. ...
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