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educate parent attending accidebt emergency how to manage childs fever at home - Research Proposal Example

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educate parent attending accidebt emergency how to manage childs fever at home

Managing childhood fever, will aid reduce various parental complaints for fever and reduce the chances of children death or complications resulting from unmanaged fever. Ways of maintaining fever at home Parents determine their children fever via behavioral changes they mainly link to fever. Parents realize immunological advantageous impacts linked to fever and some belief that fever is harmful and causes brain damage and convulsion of febrile. Therefore, to prevent adverse effects of fever, parents must monitor body temperatures of their children, use antipyretics, ensure their children wear light clothing and wash them with cold water or tepid. When a baby has a bacterial or viral infection, it is obvious for him to develop a fever and the fever will not harm the child, (Douglas 23). Children under the age of six months should seek medical attention while older children may be treated at home. Nevertheless, they should be presented to the hospital for medical attention if the fever last over two days. Methods of taking a child’s temperature There are various ways of taking a child’s temperature at home, for instance, rectal, oral (mouth), under the armpit and in the ear (tympanic). The correct method depends on the age of the child. ...
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Title Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction Fever mainly accompanies various childhood illnesses, some of which are managed at home before the child is taken to the hospital or clinic. An assessment of the mother’s skills and the capability to realize fever in their children and the control practices at home are crucial in managing the child’s fever…
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