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Article Critique Name Institution Date Article Critique Isolation for prevention of Nosocomial transmission of MRSA articles a. Research problem The problem in the four studies is whether the implementation of modified isolation precautions would decrease the rate of acquisition of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).


These articles have provided sufficient background information for the study. Key words are necessary in every research and should be stated in the research paper. Wilson (2005) addressed the use cohorts or isolation to prevent or reduce the spread of MRSA in ICU’s. Willey (2008) discusses the risk factors for MRSA in roommates who are infected with MRSA in acute-care hospitals. Fernandez (2002), is focused on the role of patient isolation is the control of the spread of MRSA in acute care. Gholson, Landry and Ribner (1986) talks of modified versus strict isolation in prevention of MRSA spread. b. Research objectives Gholson, Landry and Ribner (1986) examine the various infection control methods to prevent the spread of MRSA. Wilson (2005) and Fernandez (2002) aims at determining whether patient, staff or visitor compliance with the isolation practices have effects on the nosocomial transmission of MRSA. Willey (2008) investigates the different risk factors for MRSA acquisition in those patients who are exposed to MRSA colonized roommate. Fernandez (2002) evaluates the efficiency of the isolation practices towards the minimization of the spread of MRSA. ...
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