Globalization and health care

Globalization and health care Assignment example
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Globalization and Health Care Name: Institution:  Globalization and Health Care Purpose of the paper The paper gives detailed information on the impact of nursing in the provision of healthcare. Globalization is the act of bringing countries together in terms of products, services and resources.


It becomes a problem when the policies of the country of practice run things differently as the country of study (Andresen & Bouldin, 2010). Nursing as a career offers a wide range of options, hence allowing nurses to work in a variety of settings such as in the emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, voluntary counseling centers in the military as well as in the schooling institutions and work places. This means that nurses are needed everywhere since they can work within any organization which does not need to be a hospital. The nursing career also offers a variety of roles that nurses can take, which includes anesthetists, midwifery, practitioners, researchers and educators. The nursing career offers one a chance to venture into entrepreneurship by starting personal clinics after receiving the Registered Nursing License. It is essential to ensure that the policy of the country of practice provides a flexible environment to ensure easy application (Dutton, 2007). Health provision in an organization Health care administration involves taking care of the sick whether from home or from long term community placement. Health care administration is more of a calling than a career; this is because health care providers deal with different types of patients ranging from pediatrics to the psychics in mental hospitals. ...
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