Trade-off between quanity/quality/cost in health care delivery

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Trade-off between Quantity/Quality/Cost in Healthcare Delivery [Name] [Course] [University] [Term, year] Trade-off between Quantity/Quality/Cost in Healthcare Delivery The paper is aimed at analyzing the trade-off between quantity, quality and cost in delivering the healthcare services…


Introduction The supreme objective of healthcare institutions is to deliver timely, quality based and cost effective treatment to patients. The whole process of medical treatment requires in depth knowledge about the disease and different methods of prevention, diagnosis and cure of the symptoms. However, the integration of all these variables is often very difficult and costly which develops a trade-off between the quantity, quality or cost. Trade-off is an economic term which is referred to a situation where one aspect of a product or service has to be lost in order to gain the other aspect. In terms of healthcare delivery this is defined as the situation when quality is skipped due to cost or quantity (David Robertson, 2009). The ideal situation is when there is a balanced trade-off between the three variables which finally end up in benefits for both the medical institution and the patients. Description The trade-off between quantity/quality/cost in healthcare delivery revolves around three fundamental options (Spurgeon, 2012) Deliver the equal or superior quality and quantity of medical service from fewer resources. This is primarily done with the objective of serving those customers who cannot afford to have expensive treatment. ...
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