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Name Tutor Course College Date Lupus Introduction Lupus is a condition where the body’s immune system is hyper-reactive and therefore attacks healthy and normal tissues. As a result of this, symptoms such as swelling, inflammation and joint damage occur to the individual.


The immune system of a person suffering from lupus cannot differentiate between normal body tissues and antigens. As a result of this, the immune system directs antibodies to normal tissues thinking that they are foreign materials. Due to this, there is swelling and pain felt by the person suffering from this disease. With advanced medical technology, different types of lupus have been identified by doctors. However the most common one is SLE or systemic lupus erythematosus. There are also others known as discoid, neonatal and drug-induced. Symptoms It is important to note that lupus is very variable. That is it is common for one to have the disease and not experience all the symptoms that other people feel. At the same time, every patient has their own feelings meaning that there are rare occasions when two or more patients experience similar symptoms. Severity also varies in individuals. Some patients experience symptoms that are severe and might last for a long time while others experience symptoms that are less severe and last for a few minutes but keep reoccurring. Sometimes, the patients expect to experience the severe pains that most textbooks describe but that never occurs. Some of the initial symptoms include (Basingtoke, 2011): 1. Lethargy, fatigue and weakness 2. Rashes in the skin. However, this occurs in very few cases. One in every five. 3. ...
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