Annotated Bibliography. Generation Challenges in the future of nursing informatics.

Annotated Bibliography. Generation Challenges in the future of nursing informatics. Essay example
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Fabozzi, N. (2010). Meeting the challenge of next generation nursing: what health IT vendors need to know. Frost & Sullivan. There are high expectations by the health care fraternity for the nurses to take a collective responsibility to achieve the institutional goals of delivering quality health care services to patients.


Moreover, the article indicates that they are expected to make a reasonable effort in addressing rising demand for the nursing care services, which are focused on increasing supply of nurses. In this case, the nurses can increase their efficiency in the provision of care through the use of health Information Technology that has been considered a crucial issue through numerous discussions. The article covers issues related to the effect of the health IT and health informatics through an outlook of the nursing profession. In addition, the vendors across the health IT field are urged to facilitate understanding of the nursing profession through gearing them to meet challenges for reforming new era attributed to collaboration in offering health care services. Ball, M.J. (1995). Nursing Informatics: Where caring and technology meet. New York: Spinger-Verlag The book focuses on markets in health care practice and education settings, whereby it aims to address the issues relating to nursing practice and students; in fact, issues discussed relates to nursing leadership, nursing faculty and nursing informatics specialists. Moreover, this book is designed meet the needs of professionals in the health care fields such are quality officers, administrators, health IT professions, who are in the health care facilities. ...
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