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Explain with examples how different birthing environments might suit different labour choices and also explain how the midwife a - Essay Example

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Birth Environments and Labour Choices Introduction For majority of women along with their families, birth and labour is a time of anticipation and excitement combined with fear, anxiety and uncertainty…

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Explain with examples how different birthing environments might suit different labour choices and also explain how the midwife a

Obviously, the care and support received by women during the process is critical and of immense importance. The overall object of providing care to women experiencing labour and birth is to bring about a convincing experience for not only the woman but also to the entire family, while preserving their health, responding immediately to emergencies and preventing complications. Significance of Birth environment A pregnant woman has to make various decisions regarding the place and the way she wishes to deliver her baby. As there are various options for where she may decide to have the birth along with the options of how she may decide to deliver. Despite all these factors, the environment a woman chooses to labour can greatly impact the amount of anxiety and fear she may experience. The birth setting is greatly powerful and can be regarded as a differentiating factor between a traumatic or fulfilling experience of childbirth. Attention to detail as well as careful concern of the different birth environment dimensions constitutes most favourable circumstances for the progression of labour. Hospital is an estranging environment for majority women, in which privacy issues and institutionalised routines can lead to feelings of lack of control (Lock and Gibb, 2003). ...
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