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Domestic Violence Name Institution Abstract Domestic violence has been one of the primary causes of injuries among women. At the same time, it has been found to affect not just women, but children, too. Wives and their kids suffer from serious mental and physical problems that result from battering, sexual abuse, scalding, threat, and intimidation.


Also, they may take part in preventative actions aimed at violence neutralization or increase of awareness. Importantly, the nurse’s role is to identify, assess, and document the outcomes of violence in victims. The nurse should also be able to devise long-term strategies for women who are victims of abuse. These would either be based on advice to flee abuse or consider alternative ways of solving the problem. Domestic Violence Introduction In scholarly literature, the term “domestic violence” is used to describe instances of violent confrontation which occurs between intimate partners or a husband and a wife. Such violent confrontation typically involves rape, stalking, assault, and victims’ fear of being subject to physical abuse (Gonzalez, 2010). Some studies offer a broader understanding of domestic violence by adding here the cases of emotional abuse as well (Milner, 2010). This paper focuses on domestic violence in the context of nursing practice. It explores the question of violence during pregnancy and health outcomes of physical abuse on mothers and fetuses. After that, the principles of violence assessment by a nurse are discussed. Next, the findings about both mental and physical assessment after battering are discussed. ...
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