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Domestic Violence

This paper stresses that physical reactions in children that stem from constant stress include headaches, rashes, asthma, constipation, developmental delays, ulcers, problems of hearing and speech, and pain in the abdomen. Babies have been found to have attachment problems, while preschoolers are especially subject to worry, sleeping problems, and nightmares. Adolescents who grew up in abusive environments demonstrate increased violence. Their behavior gets aggressive and disruptive; girls become withdrawn, anxious, passive, and clinging. Children may also have impaired concentration and often demonstrate poorer academic skills. According to recent research, those children who grew in abusive homes are more likely to become alcoholics, drug abusers, and smokers. Besides, they are more prone to such diseases as skeletal fractures, ischemic heart disease, and cancer in adulthood. In terms of mental health, such children are likely to grow into adults subject to depression, with low-esteem, and anxiety disorders.
This report mmakes a conclusion that nurses need to get actively involved into solving problems related to domestic violence both through prevention, treatment, and psychological support of victims. It is important to develop an adequate knowledge base of various aspects of domestic violence. Importantly, nurses should be able to proficiently identify and assess victims’ physical and mental conditions, and intervene through support, information sharing, and treatment. ...
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Domestic violence has been one of the primary causes of injuries among women. At the same time, it has been found to affect not just women, but children, too. Wives and their kids suffer from serious mental and physical problems that result from battering, sexual abuse, scalding, threat, and intimidation, so it will be discussed in the paper…
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