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Mental Illness in Jails Mental Illness In Jails A systematic review of 62 surveys of the incarcerated population from 12 Western countries showed that, among the men, 3.7 percent had psychotic illness, 10 percent major depression, and 65 percent a personality disorder, including 47 percent with antisocial personality disorder.


The atmosphere in jails is unpleasant to all humans. It should be noted that people always like to lead a free life as much as possible. Barriers or restrictions in leading a free life may cause psychological trauma to all humans. Jails impose lots of restrictions and barriers upon the inmates and hence the mental health of jail inhabitants is poor compared to that of the normal people. This paper briefly analyses the reasons of mental illness in jails. Reasons of mental illness in jails The hope for leading a normal life after the release from jails is minimal for many of the inhabitants. It should be noted that prisoners never get opportunities to engage in sexual activities. Many studies have proved beyond doubt that sexual activities are necessary for the human to lead a normal life. The failure to do so may create psychological problems among prisoners. Moreover, plenty of the prisoners are of the view that it is difficult for them to get the acceptance from the society and the family members once they released from the jails. Such negative thoughts often cause mental trauma to the prisoners. The authorities on the other hand keep a negative view towards the health needs of the prisoners. ...
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