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Brief discussion of an ethical issue impacting the nursing profession Name Course University/College Lecturer Date Introduction Choosing to save life by applying the best perceived action might contradict the prevailing code of practice or legal rights of the patient.


This paper evaluates the depths of patient autonomy as an ethical dilemma impacting the nursing profession. Patient Autonomy as an Ethical Dilemma in Nursing According to Tauber (2005), patient autonomy refers to the exclusive legal right of a patient to have his wishes accomplished by the medical personnel while in their custody. By this clause, every patient has a right to seek truthful details of their state of health. Besides, the patient reserves the right to choose not to take a particular course of treatment even if the practitioner deems it necessary. By that understanding, the right of autonomy already presents a potential conflict of interest between the patient and the practitioner (Cowen & Moorhead, 2011). For instance, patient got pregnant out of a rape ordeal that has since left her traumatized, demeaned and psychologically broken. Through family support and encouragement, this patient has carried the pregnancy for more than eight months but each passing day her emotional and psychological health status continue to deteriorate. She has become depressed, weak and torn to a point that she cannot take the pain anymore. The patient wishes to abort the baby by all means even if it means taking the crude options. How would a nurse deal with such cases especially when the law prohibits abortion? Encouraging her to abort against the law would amount to professional misconduct as argued by Botes (2000). ...
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