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Research Critique Name Institution Kalisch, B. J., & Lee, K.H. (2011). Nurse staffing levels and teamwork: A cross-sectional study of patient care units in acute care hospitals. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 43(1), 82-88. Examination of purpose, objectives, questions, or hypothesis, and variables of the study The purpose of the research study by Dr.


In line with this, the objectives of the study were to investigate whether staffing predicted nursing teamwork and determine the relationship between the levels of staffing and the subscales teamwork. Hence, the study focused on two research questions that were based on the research objectives. The first question asked, “Does the level of staffing predict nursing teamwork?” Conversely, the second question asked, “Does the level of staffing predict subscales of teamwork” (Kalisch & Lee, 2011, p.83). Based on the research study, the hypothesis was that in instances when the unit level case mix index (CMI) and the size of the healthcare facility were controlled, the levels of staffing had an effect on the levels of teamwork. In addition, the researchers also hypothesized that the size of the hospital affected teamwork exhibited by the staff members (Kalisch & Lee, 2011). Independent variable An independent variable in a research study is the factor that causes change or an effect on another variable, which in most cases is change on the dependent variable in the research study (Polit & Beck, 2004). In this research study, staffing is the independent variable in the study since the levels of staffing in an organization affected the outcome in terms of teamwork. ...
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