Please agree with student L, and write three pages and cite sources

Please agree with student L, and write three pages and cite sources Article example
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Please Agree or Disagree Name Course Institution Tutor 22nd Feb, 2013 Hi Mr. L, I strongly agree with you on the views you have about ethics and the role of nurses in ensuring that they uphold they set code of ethics as a way of ensuring the provision of quality healthcare to patients.


It is important that nurses and other health care givers realize and understand the worth that ethics has in their work. This group of professionals is required to make critical and delicate decisions in the performance of their day to day duties. The decision s they make in most cases determine the care or treatment a patient is going to receive, hence, they determine the final outcome of the treatment process. The making of the right decisions is an action that strongly requires the application of ethics (Butts & Rich, 2013). It is true that by understanding one’s own ethical behavior, one is able to through the professional assessment; one is able to know and understand those of others. This makes it important for nurses to understand their ethical behavior not just in terms of their relationship with patients, but also with that of colleagues, employers, and junior staff as well as the community. According to Guido (2006), understanding the importance of ethics is a crucial component of specialized health care delivery. Ethics makes part of every aspect of nursing and nursing care. For nurses to be able to act according to the expected ethical standards there is need for them to analyze and comprehend the various ways through which they can assess ethical behavior (Butts & Rich, 2013). ...
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