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The demographics of New York City Name Name of institution Professor Course Date The Demographics of New York City Introduction New York City is no doubt the largest city of all the cities in United States with a population of around eight million people. This represents 40 percent of the entire population of people living in New York State.


Today, many people believe that the city is the world leader in many things such as arts, communication and finance. For instance, the city prides itself as having one of the finest and multifaceted ports in the world. Additionally, New York City serves as headquarter to several organizations and corporations including United Nations. Besides being one of the major economic hubs in United States, New York City is also centre of media and communication, publishing and fashion designing (Unites States Census, 2011, p. 1). Demographics Historians describe New York City as the city that continually receives the highest number of immigrants. This is the reason why many refer to it as “melting pot” referring to the highly populated regions on the eastern parts of the city. With over 800 languages, it is clear that people from different backgrounds have come to live in the city. However, English is the most common language that many New Yorkers speak. According to census report of 2010, New York City has a population of 8,175,133 people. The greatest demographic features of the city remain cultural diversity, as there are people from different backgrounds living there, and population density. ...
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