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Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. I was unsure about visiting this meeting . What could I expect? Would there be drunks? From my reading I knew that each group is unique. I found a group of about twenty individuals, most of them in middle age or older, although there were two young people present, both seeming to be under thirty , which surprised me.


This is a self-support group , so the chairman must also be an alcoholic. To begin he asked if there were any new comers. There were three of us and we each stood up and told the group our first names. I was told beforehand that the meeting runs on most occasions on a ‘single share’ system. This means that each person can speak for a few minutes and no one voice or opinion dominates, which seems very fair and egalitarian. Another factor is the way in which people speak to the whole group rather than perhaps saying to only one person ‘What you ought to do is…..” or to reprimand them This a meeting of equals. One by one members spoke about their experiences for a few minutes. In some cases they were still struggling with their alcoholism, one or two talked about the negative effect upon their health, and others were no longer drinking, but were still taking things a day at a time. Then one lady gave a longer pre-planned talk, outlining the full story of her descent into alcoholism at quite an early age, because of difficulties at work. She described how things had got so bad that she could no longer care for her family, but did say that her husband did his best to be supportive. The meeting was then closed without discussion and we went our separate ways. Narcotics Anonymous Visit. ...
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