Nurses' Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors

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The Nurse?s Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors [Author] [Management Resource Institute] [Instructor Name: Mary Ruiz] February 26, 2013 Abstract It has been observed that among all hospital injuries approx most of the injuries fall in the category of the medication blunders made by nurses.


In case of the medication error emergency nurses should be prepared to tackle with it. Keywords: medication error, emergency, injuries. Introduction It is true that field of medicine and bio technology is playing an important role in our lives. Several new medicines have been designed for specific diseases. And they are working efficiently, but the importance of prevention can never be denied. In some cases prevention is the only solution and also prevention is a lot easier than the medical surgeries offered. Prevention is not only necessary to safeguard our body from further diseases but it is also very necessary in the hospital environment to save the patients from any type of medical emergency. Therefore it is the responsibility of an individual, a nurse and a doctor to block the path of the undesired medical emergencies by preventing the medical errors. Medical Errors Are Nurses Responsibilities Since nurses are intimately involved in the health care delivery and are ultimately responsible in acute phases of the disease, it is important for nurses to understand the factors contributing to errors for effective prevention error (Lyer & Aiken, 2001, p.171). Improving safety at the point of care is the most important aspect of error prevention. ...
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