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The nurse's responsibility in the prevention of medication errors - Essay Example


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The nurse's responsibility in the prevention of medication errors

Medication errors hamper pharmacotherapeutic outcomes, and may result into death or serious illness. In addition, medication errors can lead to litigation against health care agency, physician, or nurse. The rates of medication errors in hospitals, communities, and homes are on the increase in spite of extensive efforts on the part of health care professionals. Generally, medication errors are caused by various factors ranging from: omission of one of the drug administration rights, to failure to note the patient variables like hepatic functions or changes in renal functions into account, to failure to perform with agency a system check for appropriateness and accuracy, to giving medication based on illegal or incomplete order, where a nurse is not sure of the right dosage or method of administration, and to giving medication based on orders made verbally or on phone. Introduction Inadequate or total lack of knowledge concerning medication causes medication errors; it is very significant that nurses remain in the current pharmacotherapeutics. Nurses should therefore not administer any medication with which they are not familiar because this is considered unsafe medical practice. There are various avenues through which nurses may obtain medication updates and knowledge in order to prevent medication errors. Current references on drugs should be available on all nursing units, and other sources and medication references are available in nursing journals in the internet. It is therefore recommended

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He Nurse' Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors
Medication errors have led to premature demise of considerable number of patients annually. Medication faults that lead to loss of life or injury among outpatients and inpatients have become a critical and a costly predicament that have propelled health regulatory agencies, governmental organizations, and private health providers to seek viable means of alleviating such preventable errors.
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Nurses' Responsibility in the Prevention of medications errors
One of the situations occurs when the nurses engage in duty shifts. Errors are \unintentional lapses on the part of the nursing staff. The nurse administrators must do their share to eliminate medication errors (Kalra, 2011). There are corrective activities remedies needed to reduce the frequency and effects of medication errors.
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Nurses' Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors
Many people die every year due to this issue. The main aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of the nurses’ responsible attitude towards this issue. Nurses should be responsible for what they do and what they have done. Moreover, nurses should practice some good techniques to help prevent the rise of any such kind of situation.
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Causes range from illegible physician handwriting, and tired, distracted and exhausted nurses. This paper looks at the various medication administration rights that should be observed by nurses in an effort to prevent medication errors. The study treats patient safety as an important aspect of nursing.
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The nurses' responsability in the prevention of medication errors
In the research conducted by Cohen (2007), medical errors have claimed a huge percentage of funds and lives in the globe today. It is in this light therefore, that nurses must be keen to ensure that they are well conversant with their roles in minimization of medical errors.
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Medication errors
This is a situation where either the drugs given are wrong or the procedure used contravenes the standard way of providing healthcare, which causes harm to the patient or even worse death. The most common medication errors are related with the administering of an incorrect dose of medicine largely due to wrongly understood prescription.
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Medication Errors, Safety, Prevention and Reporting
While it can be realized that mistakes can occur through human beings, yet there are certain preventive measures as well that, if followed effectively, can prevent the incidence and occurrences of such errors in medication. The study has researched through some of the secondary sources towards obtaining the safety.
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The Nurses Responsibility in the Prevention of Medication Errors
The causes, possible consequences and preventive measures will be considered. Introduction No matter what area of activity error occurs in, it is a serious misconduct that may have unpredictable consequences. Healthcare is the area of activity that requires special liability as errors of doctors can cost people much.
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The nurses' responsability in the prevention of medication errors
It is in this light, therefore, that nurses must be keen to ensure that they are well conversant with their roles in minimization of medical errors. With the number of law suits rising in the country
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Prevention of medication errors
The organizations should establish policies of medication administration (Choo and Bucknall, 2010). Tasks can be adequately performed with the availability of sufficient personnel. To achieve this, reasonable working hours and workload levels should be established. Drug
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that nurses familiarize their memories with researches on medication errors and the preventive measures. This paper seeks to discuss the nurse’s responsibility in the prevention of medication errors. In most cases, there is a hesitation in having all medication errors reported in the nursing profession. This is because majority of nurses are afraid of humiliation from their peers as well as their superiors when reporting medical errors, even though it is a legal and ethical responsibility of nurses to document and report such events. Unreported medication errors can affect patient health and result into legal ramifications for the nurse in charge. In most severe cases, adverse reactions resulting from medical errors demand initiation of lifesaving interventions for the patients. Nurses should therefore take the ethical responsibility to report and act on medication errors promptly in order to avoid further patient health complications. This is because after a medication error, the patient may need additional treatments and intense supervision failure of which the patient may resultantly lose his or her life. This leads us to an obvious question on what nurses need to do to prevent medication errors, the nurse’s responsibility in preventing medication errors. In a clinical setting, nurses have the responsibility to prevent medical errors. Nurses should take some basic steps in order to avoid such situations leading to medical errors. For example, a nurse needs to do the following in order to prevent a medication error: assessment, ask the patient concerning allergies to medications or food, current health status, and use of herbal supplements. A nurse should ensure that he or she observes all the medical administration rights as discussed in the first paragraph; planning, nurses should ensure the


The nurse's responsibility in the prevention of medication error Name Lecturer Date Abstract Medication error occurs generally when a health care provider chose the right solution of medical care but incorrectly executes it, or selects an inappropriate method of care…
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The nurses responsibility in the prevention of medication errors essay example
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