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Final Class Project - Case Study Example

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High school
Case Study
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Final Class Project: Nursing Name: University: Textbook Questions 1. Did the lack of documentation affect the ultimate outcome of this case? Documentation plays an important role of providing and communicating vital patient information among different health care service providers…

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Final Class Project

To add on this, it is through documentation that patient response is reflected. On the contrary, the current case lacks documentation from the patient nurse. Here, the nurse testifies that she only had handwritten notes. Furthermore, in her testimony, the nurse says that she did not document any vital signs during the 2 hours of being informed by the patient’s wife and the time the patient is pronounced dead (Guido, 2009). Evidently, the case lacks documentation and this is likely to affect the final outcome. 2. Was negligence there on the part of the nursing staff in the care of this patient? In the case under study, it is evident that the nursing staff showed negligence in the course of duty. The patient nurse is negligent due to failure to document information on the patient. In her evidence, she testifies that she did not have any documented records on vital signs between the time of being informed and the time the patient is pronounced dead (Guido, 2009). As such, it is clear that no information was available on what went on during the 2 hour period. Additionally, the nurse failed to assess and monitor the patient’s situation after she informed the physician that the patient was bleeding. Given that the patient’s health status could change gradually or suddenly, it was vital for the patient nurse to keep monitoring the situation. ...
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