Paper on Medication Erros. Safety, prevention and reporting

Paper on Medication Erros. Safety, prevention and reporting Assignment example
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Running head: Prevention of Medication Errors and Safety Measures Medication errors have been categorized as prescribing, dispensing and administrative errors as they can occur at any of the above stages and lead to serious or even fatal complications in some cases (Patel & Balkrishnan, 2010).


In case of any occurrence of medication errors reporting them to the concerned authority is also extremely important as it will help in educating the health care professionals, the patient and other medical staff about these errors. Some of the methods that can be used to prevent medical errors are through education, use of electronic technology such as bar coding, electronic prescription record, automated medication dispensing devices and internal quality control protocols (Medication Errors, 2010). Giving the right medication to the right patient is the most vital step in any hospital setting. There are a wide range of factors that could contribute to medication errors. A large number of medication errors occur during the prescription stage due to wrong interpretation of the drug prescribed, missing information about a drug or its dosage, allergic or other drug reactions of the drug and the use of physician’s sample medication. Improper communication about the details and dosage regimen of a medication by physicians to the patient can also lead to errors. Intake of over-the-counter medications can also lead to medical problems when the correct drug is not taken. In a hospital setting failure or omission of drugs prescribed also constitute a form of medication errors (Medication Errors, 2010). ...
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