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Concept Analysis of Discharge Instructions Name: Institution: Introduction The process of patients discharge from health care facilities is quite complex. This process involves medical practitioners like the physicians, nurses, therapists, and care coordinators (Smith, Fields, & Fernandez, 2010).


These instructions provide patients with critical information on how to manage themselves in terms of medication, diet and which symptoms should prompt the patient to return back (Lee & Bokovoy, 2005). Issuing of discharge instructions to patients is a key requirement of health care facilities by the health accreditation institutions such as the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations-JCAHO (JCAHO, 2007). Despite holding to this requirement, it is widely reported that patients fail to comprehend or remember the discharge instructions. This is contributed by both parties: practitioners failing to elaborate clearly the instructions and patients failing to follow the instructions. This paper is a concept of comprehension that focuses on discharge instructions and how patient’s comprehension of these instructions affects their outcome. Concept of Comprehension on Discharge Instructions Discharge instructions refer to instructions given to patients upon discharge from hospital. These instructions detail diagnostic information and measures to be taken. As noted by Forster et al. (2004) close to a quarter of patients discharged experienced adverse cases in a span of one month. These events were medication errors, orders/prescriptions filling, confusing discharge instructions, neglect of following unresolved cases and infections. ...
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