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Managing medication errors Students name: University affiliation: Title: Managing medication errors Medication errors generally happen when a medical officer uses an inappropriate means to administer treatment to a patient and often are considered a human error (Clinic, 2011).


In addition misdiagnosis and fatigue while attending to patients account to a large percentage of the errors. There are several instances throughout the medical process where medical errors can occur right from diagnosing the patient to the point where treatment is prescribed and administered by the relevant parties. Among these instances include documentation, dispensing, administering and monitoring a majority of which are carried out by nurses. This places a large responsibility on their hands and explains why medication errors and the safety of the patients lie at the core of being a nurse. The roles medical practitioners play in the occurrence of medical errors clearly cannot be overruled and it therefore goes without say, clear guidelines and procedures will go a long way in managing them (Clinic, 2011). This paper will outline the cause of medical errors, its prevention how it is reported and steps that could be taken to ensure the safety of patients. From the approach that human errors amount to the greatest percentage of medical errors there are two angles medication errors can be viewed from. The first angle looks at the error as being caused by human frailty. Poorly paid, overworked and unmotivated employees tend to overlook a number of critical issues which are crucial and if unattended amount to medical errors. ...
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